Contact Improvisation & Tantra
Workshop with Benno Enderlein (D) & Sabine Sonnenschein (AT)

Workshop 1: APRIL 12th-14th, 2013, IN FREIBURG (D), THE MOVE
Fri: 6:30 - 10:00 p.m.
Sat: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. / 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Sun: 10 a.m.- 1 p.m., 3 - 6 p.m.

Workshop 2: NOVEMBER 15th-17th , 2013, IN VIENNA (AT), PRANA YOGA-STUDIO
Fri: 6:30 - 10:00 p.m.
Sat: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. / 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Sun: 10 a.m.- 1 p.m., 3 - 6 p.m.

Feel free to join both or only one of these workshops!

  We focus on human encounter in dance. Tantric approaches to the world allow us to experience classical basics of CI techniques (dealing and playing with gravity, effect and use of weight, rolling point) in a new way. The emotional, spiritual, and sensual aspects of dance become as important as the physical aspect. In this way, we gain a new perspective on the familiar language of contact improvisation. In meditation, we learn how to deal with inner energies and inwardness. We feel and explore qualities of touching and being touched as a key to a new experience of contact. We learn tools of dance technique that support an Us in the dance. Beyond the question of how I lift, roll, and fly, being present and in the moment are more relevant for us.
Dancing thereby becomes a deep human experience and spiritual practice. In this, we will explore, what it means to be aware of yourself and tob e with others. We will experience what it is like to listen to and sense yourself and the others at the same time. How do closeness and distance arise, not only externally but, mainly, internally?
What thoughts, affinities and aversions come up in my dance and how do they influence my dance? What do I expect from my dance partner, consciously or unconsciously? What happens when I instrumentalise the others and use them to feel myself.
What kind of experience takes place when I do not want anything from my dance partner, and my dance partner does not want anything from me? Can my dance evolve freely and dynamically without intention, concept, or aim?
Am I able to say very clearly yes or no to a quality of touch or a dance?
Basic themes are dealing respectfully with myself and displaying responsibility and empathy in dealing with others.
I am invited to become aware of my personal boundaries, limits, and taboos and to look at them affectionately. I can preserve them, experiment with them, or outgrow them.

For participation, some experience in a holistic, physical training is required, for example, Tantra, CI, or dance, dance improvisation, Yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts, etc.

No need for nakedness in these workshops.

What is tantra?
What is contact improvisation?

April 12th-14th, 2013 in Freiburg, THE MOVE Habsburgerstraße 9, 79104 Freiburg
COSTS: Early bird price: € 190,-
From March 29th on: € 220,-

November 15th-17th, in Vienna, PRANA Yoga-Studio Mariahilferstraße 82, 1070 Wien
COSTS: Early bird price: € 190,-
From November 1st on: € 220,-
: Sabine Sonnenschein, 0043-650-3197237




Benno Enderlein studied at the "European Dance Development Center" of Arnhem University (NL) from 1989 to 1993.
Focuses of his work as a dance teacher are Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering, Release Techniques and choreography.
Important influences came from Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Bob Rease, Mark Tomkins, Deborah Hay and others. Since 1991 he is teaching New Dance and bodywork, especially Contact Improvisation, and is a dance performer.
He has been Shiatsu practitioner since 1991 and and certified Shiatsu therapist GSD (Gesellschaft für Shiatsu Deutschland) since 1997.
Since 1999 he has been practising awareness training and meditation techniques intensely, especially in the Advaita tradition.
For ten years he's been organising dance events and is co-founder and organizer of the international Contact Festival in Freiburg.


(1970, AT) has been choreographer and performer since 1992 and has had a tantric approach to life since 2004. She lives and teaches a fusion of tantric perspective on the world and dance as a practice of life. She studied Contemporary Dance, theatre science, philosophy and history of art. Her performances have been shown in Europe and NYC, .
She has been involved with sensitizing the body since 1990, and Contact Improvisation since 1991. She has training in tantric full body massage (AnandaWave/Cologne) and also Lomi Lomi Nui. She was introduced to Yin Yang Massage by Andro, has studied Pelvic Massage by K. Ruby; she has been introduced to Kashmir Tantrism and Kashmir Yoga of Touch by Daniel Odier. She studied "Vijnana Bhairava Tantra" with Dr. Bettina Bäumer. In Vienna she has practiced Tantric Bodywork since 2006, primarily individual work. She gives workshops focusing on the fusion of Tantra and Contact Improvisation. Teacher at ImpulsTanz Vienna and at Schwelle 7 in Berlin. Sabine Sonnenschein has been cooperating with Günter Touschek since 2010. They organize Night of Dance & Tantra in Vienna

  Photos (c): Lars Ebert, Benno Enderlein, Robert Peres, Regina Mierzwa
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