Contact Improvisation & Tantra
with Sabine Sonnenschein (AT) & Günter Touschek (live music /AT)
with Kashmiri tantric massage (as taught by Daniel Odier)!
For everybody, who has experience in Contact Improvisation (CI) and meditation

June 2nd-4th, 2017, Fokus, Vienna (AT)

Fri: 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Sat: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. (including two breaks)
Sun: 11 a.m.- 5p.m. (including one break)


The philosophy of Kashmiri tantrism provides an attitude for our dances or an inner readiness to make a spiritual experience.
You get sensitive and feel the subtle sensations, emotions and energies in your body as well as your physical body in dancing a solo, a duo or dancing in a group .
Conscious breathing, high awareness, articulation of the body and the ability to listen to each other and react to each other refine your communication in dancing CI.
Extensive dance in the space and rather acrobatic elements of CI alternate with sensing the inner stream and energies in the body!
Tantric breathing practices by Swami Satyananda Saraswati energize you.
In that way you are able to use also sexual energy for the dance. Sexual energy is one form of energy of life (prana).
Breathing circles connect your energetic centres (chakras). Breathing circles will be practices alone and with a partner.
You learn Kashmiri tantric massage (as taught by Daniel Odier). Direct out of the massage you will find into a dance.
Kashmiri massage is based on relaxed belly breathing.
The massage lets you arrive inside yourself, arrive in your inner peace. You can experience deep comfort, feeling of security and oneness in the massage. It can be healing. It is very close and sensual. Because of its slowness you perceive room and space differently than many of us are used to. Time gets stretched, only the moment exits and the comfort and feeling of security in being touched by the endless space.
A slow dance meditation, based on breathing already provides the experience of touching the space and getting touched by the space.
With his sounds Günter Touschek creates magical spaces, in which we meet each other. With his live music he is in a dialogue with the participants/dancers and the participants/dancers with him.
These sounds are supporting us to expand into the space and experience our actual dimension, which is divine.

We feel spanda in us.
Spanda - meaningful in Kashmiri tantrism - is vibration, consciousness, cosmic vibration.
We practise dance and touch as meditation, which facilitates transpersonal and spiritual experiences.
The base of meeting, encoutering is: To sense yourself, to sense your physical body and the subtle emotions and energies inside, to be aware of your personal boundaries, limits and taboos. In each moment you decide whether you respect them in a loving way or experiment with them or transcend them.
For fully surrendering in a dance, a meeting, you have to be sure that your limits are respected by the other(s). The workshop situation itself provides a safe space, but it's very important, to let your dance partner know, what feels fine for you and what goes beyond your limits. If there is something in the touch or the dance, which you don't want in that moment, you let your dance partner know in a way that doesn't hurt. That's a good base for fully giving yourself to the dance, the meetings in the dance, a base for being open for surprises and amazement instead of planing anything in the dance.

None of the heteronormativity of classical Tantra!
You are welcome alone or together with your partner/s.
The workshop will be held in German and English.

Photos: (c): Robert Peres, Günter Touschek, Christian Neher

Fees: 200,- EURO
Deposit of EURO 50,- to:
Bank Austria
Name of account: Verein für Tanz-, Bewegungs- und Bildertheater
IBAN: AT27 1100 0014 7389 3400
As reference please write your name as well as June 2nd-4th, 2017

Cancellation is possible with an administrative charge of EURO 50,-. If you cancel after May 31st, you will be charged the entire fee, unless you find a person replacing you or there is a waiting list

Accomodation: On request

Information and registration:
Sabine Sonnenschein
Ph: +43-650-3197237

1070 Wien, Neubaugasse 44 / staircase 2 / 2nd floor/ top 12

Photo (c): Patrick Beelaert

Sabine Sonnenschein (A):


(* 1970 /AT)
is clinical sexologist (sexualtherapeutic method Sexocorporel). She teaches tantra and contact improvisation.
She is freelance choreographer and performer since 1992. She lives and teaches a fusion of a tantric perspective on the world and dance as a practice of life. Her artistic work - 39 performance pieces - has been shown in Europe and NYC.
Her work one-to-one and with couples:
In Vienna she works as clinical sexologist with the sexualtherapeutic method Sexocorporel , she gives tantric body work and womb dialogue and teaches tantra.
Internationally she gives workshops focusing on the fusion of Tantra and Contact Improvisation, mainly in Vienna, Freiburg, Paris, Bretagne.
Sabine Sonnenschein works together with the musician Günter Touschek (AT) since 2010. She also works together with Benno Enderlein (DE) and Manuela Blanchard (CH).
She is student of Daniel Odier, she has been introduced to Kashmir tantrism and Kashmir yoga of touch. Deepening in "Vijnana Bhairava Tantra" with Dr. Bettina Bäumer.
She has training in tantric full body massage (AnandaWave/Michaela Riedl/Cologne). She was introduced to yin yang massage by Andro, has studied pelvic massage by K. Ruby. She made the physiotherapeutic training BM Balance (prevention and therapy of problems in the pelvis, bladder, prostate).
Focuses in her dance education in NYC and Vienna were:
release techniques, contemporary dance, contact improvisation (CI), developmental movement and ballet.
She dances CI since 1990. Impressive CI teachers for her were Nita Little, Andrew Harwood, Daniel Lepkoff, Mark Tompkins, Inge Kaindlstorfer.


Günter Touschek(A):

(*1962, AT) is father of two sons, musician, singer in different genres, dancer, impro theatre actor, photographer, ComMusication trainer, LinzErschweben guide. Assitant teacher at workshops focusing on contact improvisation and tantra in Austria, Czech Republic and Spain; in cooperation with Zita Pavlištová, Ulrike Prochazka and Sabine Sonnenschein. Arranges evenings of mantra chanting. For many years he has been dancing contact improvisation (CI) and making music for CI jams. He creates sound spaces by receiving and supporting what wants to be expressed. His instruments are for example guitars, ukulele, monochord, zither, shruti box. He refines the instruments with electronic like loop, delay and reverb, in a way that the natural sound of the instrument doesn't get lost.

  Photos (c): Jesse Johnson, Günter Touschek