Contact Improvisation based on Tantra
Weekend (workshop)
with Sabine Sonnenschein (AT)

Assistant: Christian Neher (DE)

Decembre 1st - 2nd, 2012, TantraConnection, Essen
Sat: 11 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Sun: 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.

  Contact Improvisation (CI) was developed in the US in the 1970s. As a dance practice and social event CI has a deeply sensual aspect where bodies find each other and come together. In classical CI classes, this aspect is basically ignored. The idea of setting aside sensuality and with it the erotic element, created a space for CI to develop, which is important, but nevertheless based on fiction.

In this workshop, through tantric approach und techniques, CI becomes a tantric practice and sensual dance experience in which space for love energy, full of presence and awareness is provided within a defined form.
We will experience classical basics of CI techniques (dealing and playing with gravity, effect and use of weight) in a new way because of tantric approaches towards the world, such as sparsa (touching and getting touched), spanda (vibration of the conciousness and the world) and surrender.
In dance we touch the space - our lover. We make love with the space or with a partner or several partners as well as the space. You allow the awareness to experience you, the space, and us.

CI, as a tantric practice, means experiencing an "us," which arises from non-intentionality, from improvisation, and from the very moment.
Dancing has neither future nor destination, but is always now, in this moment.
A deep encounter becomes possible, if I am not wanting anything from you, nor you from me. A deep encounter becomes possible, when I don't just use you to feel myself and when my ego does not instrumentalise

  you, but instead, becomes silent and we experience each other and the space. We do not lose ourselves in one other when our awareness of the space brings us into harmony with the systole and diastole of the universe.
We refine all of our senses in order to enter into play with one another. There are impulses that lead us deeper into each other and open spaces inwardly, and such that allow us to move and expand into the space.
  We aim to create a space for listening to each other: Adequate to the encounter you have a dance will take place, as close, as distant, as dynamic, as calm, as sensual , as poetic, as tender, as wild as i t is currently coherent for the dancers..

This retreat provides a safe space for personal as well as group experiences, where opportuni ties and inspirations are offered for exchange in smal l
groups and the whole group. We share our experiences, respecting our personal limits, boundaries and vulnerabilities. There is space to make new experiences on a spiritual ,
mental and physical level, within ourselves as well as wi th others. You practice awareness in contact with others, responsibility for yourself and empathy for others.
You are invi ted to recognize your personal limits and taboos and to look at them with a loving eye. You may preserve them, experiment with them or transcend them.

For participation some experience in a wholesome as well as physical training like tantra, CI or as well dance, dance improvisation, Yoga, Tai Chi , martial arts etc is helpful , but not obligatory.

Fees: 200,- EURO (when registering before 16/10/2012 175, - €)

Ringstraße 23a,
45219 Essen-Kettwig

Accommodation and food are to be self organized. A tea kitchen can be used.
List of sleeping accommodations.
For € 20,- per night it's possible to sleep in the space, where the workshop takes place.

Information and registration:
Mala Schlichting
+49 201 - 56 42 02 84

Registration: Fill out this form and pay a deposit of € 50,-.
IBAN DE25 3005 0110 0011 3461 45,
BIC DUSSDEDDXXX, Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf,
holder is Olaf Göbel

Pre conditions: Participation at the workshop does require normal physical and psychic stability and does not replace any therapeutic or medical


Sabine Sonnenschein (AT):

(*1970, AT) has been a choreographer and performer since 1992 and has had a tantric approach to life since 2004.
She lives and teaches a fusion of a tantric perspective on the world and dance as a practice of life. She studied contemporary dance, theatre science, philosophy and history of art. Her work has been shown, among other places, in Europe and NYC, .
She has been involved with sensitizing the body since 1990, and Contact Improvisation since 1991. She has training in tantric full body massage (AnandaWave/Cologne) and also lomi lomi nui. She was introduced to yin yang massage by Andro, has studied pelvic massage by K. Ruby; she has been introduced to Kashmir tantrism and Kashmir yoga of touch by Daniel Odier. In Vienna she has practiced tantric body work since 2006, primarily individual work.
She gives workshops focusing on the fusion of Tantra and Contact Improvisation. Teacher at ImpulsTanz Vienna and at Schwelle 7 in Berlin. She organizes Night of Dance & Tantra in Vienna.


Christian Neher (DE):

(*1969, D) Looking back on a long and successful career as tournament dancer, he's been getting into contact improvisation, studying it extensively all over the world and began teaching this form in 2011. Engaged in tantra since 2009 (Art of Being, Skydancing, Daniel Odier, among others) . He's teaching social dances & contact, studying gestalt therapy, and writing. He's working with Sabine Sonnenschein since 2011.


Mala Schlichting (DE):

Tantra teacher (trained at LoveCreation), trained in tantric massage, path of tantra since 1999 (at Institut für die Tantrische Vision, with Puja und Raja Richardson, Daniel Odier, Helmut Poller and others), practising yoga und meditation for many years, reiki master, trained in therapeuthic methods and bodywork, TZI-diploma, educating adults since 1990, ecotrophologist with diploma, studies Focusing.

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