Tantra Immersion Vienna
Workshop  with Sabine Sonnenschein (AT) & Niko Deininger (AT)

November 12th - 14th, 2021
All genders / No experience in tantra needed for participation / You are welcome alone or with your partner/s 
Fri 6 - 10 p.m.
Sat 10 a.m.- 10 p.m.
Sun 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.



Andrew Gonzalez Art
Art (c): A .Andrew Gonzalez

We invite you to experience on this weekend your love, your presence and your sensations   
Open up yourself  and feel your inner depth, immerse into tantric being with all of your senses.
Decelerating you are able to stay in contact with yourself and to get in an authentic and  loving connection with your partner.
Accepting your vulnerability true dedication to the Here and Now takes place, marvelling and feeling every moment as absolutely new.

This weekend will enrich your sensuality and enlarge your ability to be intimate.

What ever form of sexuality, sexual preference and relation you are living right now, you will immerse into the natural flow of your being feeling the bliss of being alive.

By tantric physical exercises you feel youself and in the ecstatic sensations of your body.
Breathing exercises cleanse and widen your physical and energetic body.
Through energetic exercises you encrease your energy and learn to how to move it in the body.
Dance, dynamic and silent meditations bring you to your connection to the universe. You experience width and expansion. You are making love with the space in tandava meditation, touching and getting touched.
Through touch and encounter you experience the wonders and gifts of connections with the other.

ૐ For all, who are ready for inner opening and devotion, for marvelling and letting the unknown happen
ૐ Experience in tantra is welcome, but not necessary for participation
ૐ Participation on the whole weekend is needed.

ૐ No alcohol and other substances changing your perception and consciousness.
ૐ Healthy food
ૐ Take care of your contacts to others. Which contacts nourish you, which ones take energy away from you.

You are welcome to come alone or with partner/s or lover/s.
Facilitation in German and English.

COSTS: € 300,-
FOR COUPLES: € 500,-
REGISTRATION: Sabine Sonnenschein,

COVID-19: Participation tested, recovered or vaccinated.

1070 Wien, Neubaugasse 44 / staircase 2 / 2nd floor/ top 12



Photo (c): Jesse Johnson


is clinical sexologist (sexualtherapeutic method Sexocorporel). She teaches tantra and dance.
She loves, lives and teaches a fusion of a tantric perspective on the world and dance as a practice of life.
She has been teaching at international tantra as well as dance festivals, like Tantra Festival Ibiza, Baltic Tantra Festival, Open Heart Festival im ZEGG bei Berlin, Contact Festival Freiburg, ImPulsTanz Vienna, Tantra & Sexuality Festival Poland, Xplore Berlin, Contact Festival Austria, Sexolution.
Often she combines tantra with the dance form contact improvisation, teaching internationally, especially in Vienna, Freiburg and France.
Her work one-to-one and with couples:
In Vienna she works as clinical sexologist with the sexualtherapeutic method Sexocorporel , she gives tantric body work and womb dialogue and teaches tantra.
Since 13 years she is a student of Daniel Odier: Non-dual Kashmiri tantrism, Kashmiri massage (yoga of touch). Studied "Vijnana Bhairava Tantra" with Dr. Bettina Bäumer (Varanasi). She has training in tantric full body massage (AnandaWave/Michaela Riedl/Cologne). She was introduced to yin yang massage by Andro, has studied pelvic massage by K. Ruby and lomi lomi. She made the physiotherapeutic training BM Balance (prevention and therapy of problems in the pelvis, bladder, prostate).


Niko Deininger
Transformation coach, leader & founder of the center „Bewusst Sein im Fokus“, initiator of the festival unitedBLISS
Since childhood, i was lookig for the adventures – many children do that. I never stopped it – not many adults do so. It matters to me to see behind the and to see more. With my activities i want to support people to find their true motivations, their feeling, their centre   –  away from what has to be and what should not be.
Important inspirations and influences in my life:
– tantric bodywork
– love
– shamanism
– adventures inside me and in nature
– dynamics of a group
– empathy
– importance of thoughts
– gratitude
– Eckart Tolle, Mooji, Byron Katie, Sadhguru, Hermann Hesse a.o.